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Remove attributes from PI Vision symbol

Question asked by MikeRay on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by Roger Palmen

Hi All,


I am working on some PI Vision symbols for a customer and I have a need to be able to remove attributes that I have associated with the symbol.


For example I have a DataShape: 'Table'  symbol that I created by dragging across three attributes when creating it on a Vision page. From then on the 'data; object in the onDataUpdate contains a 'Rows' array with three objects, one for each attribute on the symbol. Now what I want to do is allow the user to remove some of the attributes. I can add them no problems by dragging them onto the symbol but is there a call to delete a specific one? I need to this for usability and ease of configuration for our end users... I know the standard trend has a button to remove traces (well, all but the last one!). See pic below. Is there something behind that that extension devs can call to remove an attribute?