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    Reassigning the tag value to another tag




      I have an attribute defined in AF and the value is populating from tag.But the value is not updating correctly to a status tag even though analysis equation is working ok (On time). I want to define a new attribute and get the value from PI server. same value I want to redefine in an exiting attribute (Status tag). What's is the syntax for reassigning the tag value to an existing attribute please?



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          Hello Rashmi!


          Can you please clarify what are you trying to achieve? From your explanation my understanding is following: you have Attribute1 that is getting values from Tag1 and you want to write this value to a Tag2 that associated with Attribute2. To do so you would like to you an analysis.

          If this is the case, then, if you want to write every value from Tag1 to Tag2, then you should create event-based analysis:

          This will write value of the Tag1 (associated with Attribute1) to Tag2 (associated with Attribute2) on every new value of the Tag1.