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Passing Button Name  to function

Question asked by alanR on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by kduffy

Hi ,


I have several button  with names that have the same name as elements in AF system explorer. Im trying to make each button call the same function . So for example i have a Button called Room_A , on click it calls a function called TestButtonToggle_Click(). In this function i would like to pass in the button name  which would return a value from AF with an element of the same name.

How would i go about doing this?


What i have tried below;


My code;

Public Sub TestButtonToggle_Click(ByVal lvarX As Long, ByVal lvarY As Long)



    Dim pbButtons As SelectedButton

    Dim pbButton As Button

    Dim Cell As String


    Set pbButtons = ThisDisplay.SelectedButtons

    If pbButtons.Count = 0 Then

        Exit Sub

    End If


    For Each pbButton In pbButtons

        If InStr(, "Room") Then

            Room = Mid(, 6, Len(

              'Pass number to function below

            ToggleRoomState (Room)

            Exit Sub

        End If

    Next pbSymbol

End Sub