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Is there a way in PI to store an array of values under a PI Point,  NOT  a  PIPoint Array (existing PI points) but fresh data values that get stored in an array

Question asked by Joe_Walters on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by Dan Fishman

I have a data set I would like to store in PI in an array.  It would be awesome if I could store the values in a 2X array.  One PI name (position in array, A values , B values)

I could get away with a 1X array, PI name (position in array, A values)


The data set is paired data at a specific time.

I have two column data

Current (I) and Voltage (V)


The data set changes in length.  It could be as little as 50 pair or as long as 500 pair.


I would appreciate any ideas to solve this simple format.