PIACE TimeStamp to Oracle Timestamp(6) datatype

Discussion created by mikeloria on Jan 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by MvanderVeeken

I am not sure why I am struggling so much with this but I cannot seem to find anything that works. I have input PIACE points that I read from an ACE module. I simply pass these values to an Oracle database base through a stored procedure.


In VB.net, I can pass System.DateTime.Now to a Timestamp(6) datatype without any issue. I need the same datatype to pass to some other Oracle fields that are of the exact same type where the System.DateTime.Now works.


I must have tried 6 different ways and I am not sure why I canot fnd something that works. If anyone has come accross this or has sugestions, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance.