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    PI-point does not trigger analytics


      I have a simple analyses which should be triggered by 2 pi-points.

      Unfortunately the system does not triggere on one of both, although this is a normal pi-point.

      THe system says: the datareference for "the pipoint" does not support trigger calculations...

      What can be wrong?

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          Hi Hans,

          It was good to work with you today. I thought I'd post the workaround we came up with.

          The issue is that the attribute Flow here was a time averaged value (time averaged PI Point Data Reference), and so was giving the message "The data reference for <attribute> does not support triggering calculations."

          The workaround that we came up with is to add another variable to the analysis as the trigger. That trigger is a pointer to the flow PI Tag on the PI Data Archive. \\<PI Server>\<PI Tag> . This variable can then be used as the triggering point and does not have to be included in the calculation.

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