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Bringing value retrieval method attribute into an Event Frame template

Question asked by drodriguez on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by drodriguez

Hey everyone,


I'm trying to bring in what I call a "fault count" attribute into an event frame template. I plan to use it as a triggering condition for a notification rule.

This is what it looks like on an example element:

It does an event weighted Total of the Device Status Fault attribute over the past week.

The parent attribute does exception handling and looks at boundary conditions.

In the event frame template, I try to directly bring in the child attribute

The parent attribute has the same configuration as it does in the element. It needs the Device Status Fault attribute to work, so I bring it into the event frame too.

There's a lot going on here, but the central issue is bringing the child attribute in.


This is one of the event frames from the same example element. I expect the child attribute to have a value in the 900's, but instead I'm getting 1

One reason the might explain the value of 1 is that when the event frame attribute calls the element attribute, the element attribute somehow only covers the time range of the event frame, instead of the past week like it normally does.

I think the sure shot solution here would be to use an analysis to write the Fault Count values to a tag, then pull that into the event frames. It would be nice to avoid running more analyses, and I'm curious as to why this doesn't work. Any thoughts?