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    PI AF analysis to calculate based on PI Vision selected time range



      Anyone has experience to calculate Yield based on PI Vision/Coresight selected time range?


      General Yield Equation = Total Output/ Raw Feed Consumed

      In PI AF, both Total Output and Raw Feed consumed are reference to pi points.


      My question is, if I set both Total Output and Raw Feed consumed to value retrieval method, time range and get total (event- weighted), possible to re-calculate Yield based on the time range selected on PI Vision ?


      For example, if 8h is selected on PI Vision, Yield should be = total output in the past 8h/ raw feed consumed in the past 8h. If other time range (1day,1week) is selected, then the yield will recalculate accordingly.

      I have tried analysis data reference, but it didn't work.



      Many thanks !!

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          John Messinger

          So it sounds like you want a dynamic result based on an expression calculation (Total Output / Raw feed Consumed). You won't be able to do this using an Expression Analysis.


          Typically you would configure PI Point DR attributes with Time Range based value retrieval methods to calculate summary results. To answer your question, yes you could configure your two input attributes this way, but you are calculating yield based on an expression using these two inputs. It might be possible to get what you are looking for by doing the yield calculation in a Formula data reference, with the two input attributes configured for a time range value retrieval method. This is most likely to give you a dynamic yield calculation based on inputs calculated from a PI Vision provided timerange.

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