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PI AF analysis to calculate based on PI Vision selected time range

Question asked by yihan on Dec 8, 2017
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Anyone has experience to calculate Yield based on PI Vision/Coresight selected time range?


General Yield Equation = Total Output/ Raw Feed Consumed

In PI AF, both Total Output and Raw Feed consumed are reference to pi points.


My question is, if I set both Total Output and Raw Feed consumed to value retrieval method, time range and get total (event- weighted), possible to re-calculate Yield based on the time range selected on PI Vision ?


For example, if 8h is selected on PI Vision, Yield should be = total output in the past 8h/ raw feed consumed in the past 8h. If other time range (1day,1week) is selected, then the yield will recalculate accordingly.

I have tried analysis data reference, but it didn't work.



Many thanks !!