OperatorAbortedException when trying to run PI for StreamInsight example app

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I am trying to implement the PI for StreamInsight adapters example project.


The application spins up the adapters and creates the application on my StreamInsight windows service, but the query runs into the following exception when started:


Last Error     Microsoft.ComplexEventProcessing.Engine.OperatorAbortedException: The adapter 'OutputAdapter' encountered an exception and caused the query 'cep:/Server/Application/HelloPI/Query/simpleOutput' to abort. ---> System.InvalidOperationException: The output adapter can only be stopped while in the Stopping state. The current state is 'Running'.


   at Microsoft.ComplexEventProcessing.Diagnostics.Exceptions.Throw(Exception exception)   at Microsoft.ComplexEventProcessing.Adapters.OutputAdapterBase.ValidateStopped()   at Microsoft.ComplexEventProcessing.Adapters.Adapter.Stopped()


   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---


I'm currently just trying to get some data through the engine, using the "cdt158" or "sinusoid" tags.




When using the InstallationTest tool I get the following stacktrace:




OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Verbose: 0 : TraceSwitch level for AdapterTrace = Verbose
OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Verbose: 0 : TypedSnapshotInputFactory .cTor enters
OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Verbose: 0 : SnapshotOutputFactory created
OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Verbose: 0 : TypedSnapshotInputFactory .cTor enters
OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Verbose: 0 : SnapshotPointOutput adapter SnapshotPointOutput_0 created
OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Verbose: 0 : TypedSnapshotPointInput adapter TypedSnapshotPointInput`1_0 created
OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Information: 0 : TypedSnapshotPointInput`1_0(Running): starting...
OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Information: 0 : SnapshotPointOutput_0(Running): starting...


OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Error: 0 :   SnapshotPointOutput_0(Running) Exception: Failed constructing Event Sink: unable to connect to PI Server, ***-TEST01


 Status: Failed to initialize
 Site: EventBuffer`1.StartSequence


    at OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing.Adapters.EventSink..ctor(IPIConnectionDetails config, IPIConnectionFeedback callbacks, Boolean use DeliveryTimestamp, CoincidentEventPolicy coincidencePolicy, Dictionary`2 Fields)   at OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing.Adapters.SnapshotOutputConfig.CreateEventSink(IPIConnectionFeedback callbacks, EventDetailsPool`1 metadata)
   at OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing.Adapters.OutputEventBuffer`1.Initialize()
   at OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing.Adapters.EventBuffer`1.StartSequence()


OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Information: 0 : SnapshotPointOutput_0(Running): stopping...


OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Error: 0 :   TypedSnapshotPointInput`1_0(Stopping) Exception: Failed Initializing Event Source, ***-TEST01,


No connection to PI Server


 Status: Failed to initialize


 Site: EventBuffer`1.StartSequence




    at OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing.Adapters.EventSource.Initialize(String name, IPISearch search, IFieldDetailsProvider attributes, Boolean transStatus, Boolean transCodes, Boolean enqueueSnapEvents, Boolean useArrival, Boolean incrementArrival)
   at OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing.Adapters.InputEventBuffer`2.Initialize()
   at OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing.Adapters.EventBuffer`1.StartSequence()


OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Information: 0 : TypedSnapshotPointInput`1_0(Stopping): stopping...


OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Information: 0 : SnapshotPointOutput_0(Stopped): server session ended.


OSIsoft.ComplexEventProcessing Information: 0 : TypedSnapshotPointInput`1_0(Stopped): server session ended.


The connection to the server seems to be OK. When looking at the event log there seems to be a problem with the credentials for performing the operation:


Credentials validation failed:  ID: 24380. Address: Name: InstallationTest(8032):remote. Package: Windows Login (SSPI,Unknown_Security_Package) Details: GenerateContext: Login is denied. (0x8009030c) Last Error: [-10407] No Access - Secure Object




I am connecting to a remote PIServer from a win7 x64 box. I have tried using both the 1.1 and 1.2 version of the SteamInsight dll's and service with the same error.  I Also tried using the console output tracer adapters from Microsoft. With no luck. 


Any help would be appreciated.