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    ProcessBook : Substitute Name


      Hi ,


      I have been creating  procbook displays on a dev server and have recently transferred them over to  the prod server. When i open the procbook display i get this pop up message.


      When i click "OK" and save the procbook display and close it and then reopen the same popup appears, is there anyway i can permanently replace the reference to the dev server with a reference to the prod server?



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          Hi Alan,

          The built-in replace name feature should do the trick, but if it's not you may want to look into the Processbook Support tool as this has a option for swapping out the PI Data Archive on displays.



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              Where can i get the Built in replace name feature?

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                  Asle Frantzen

                  It should work as you explain it in your original post (i.e. the built in functionality)


                  Perhaps the changes weren't saved, for some reason? Try moving a symbol around before hitting save, to see if that does the trick.


                  Other than that you should try the ProcessBook Support Tool, we've used that on several occations for this, when there are loads of displays.


                  (The first time we did this type of job we didn't know of this tool, and the approach selected was to save all PDI files as SVG, and then open them all in a text editor where we did a seach/replace for the server name.)