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    EF Searches Location


      I am producing > 7M Event Frames per year... Therefore I've setup multiple pre-configured EF searches in PI System Explorer to help me manage it. I've published the PI System Explorer through our Citrix XenApp portal and I would like users to have basics pre-configured searches of my design...


      It seem I can't retrieve my saved searches... any idea?


      I've looked in the User Manual which does not indicate the location of these searches, I've looked in "ProgramData", "User \ AppData", even in the SQL PIFD database.



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          Salut Alexandre,


          The Event Frame searches are actually stored in the HKCU registry. So if you want everyone to have the same search, you would need to export your HKCU key and push it to the user through GPO (or manual export / import).



          Disclaimer: Do not use a registry editor to edit the registry directly unless you have no alternative. The registry editors bypass the standard safeguards provided by administrative tools. These safeguards prevent you from entering conflicting settings or settings that are likely to degrade performance or damage your system. Editing the registry directly can have serious, unexpected consequences



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