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    Product Run Event Frame


      I am trying to figure out how to capture the count of all parts produced for a given product type within AF and Event Frames.  My AF attributes track the Product Type field and the parts produced since midnight.  It's configuring the event frame attributes and/or analyses to calculate the parts of this type produced between the start and end of the EF which I am trying to wrap my brain around.  The issue is the EF can be part of a day or several days long.

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          Hi Robert

          Thanks for reach out to us on PI Square. The answer to this question really depends on what kind of data you already have available to you. For example:

          1. If you have a tag for the number of parts produced, you could find the Max and Min of that attribute over the Event Frame and take the difference to get your count for the time period

          2. If you have a tag that signals true when a product is completed (and false otherwise) you could use NumOfChanges to find the count for the tag within the Event Frame Time Period



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              Thank you Robert, your answer was partially helpful, please allow me to try and explain why.

              Option 1 is not feasible as I do not have a tag for parts produced, instead I have 26 tags for parts produced, one for each hour of the day and one for day shift and one for night shift.  Since an Product Run Event can be as short as 1 minute or as long a 2 weeks this poses and issue.

              Option 2 has some potential.  I have an analysis tag which converts the by the hour to per day.  Reading your suggestion I added a second tag which is true for the first 3 seconds after a part is produced and false the rest of time.  At this point my being a neophyte with AF stops me.  I cannot find the NumOfChanges function you refer to or anything explaining how to deploy it in an event frame.  Mr. Google and I have not been that lucky yet, and PI Square Serch rturns a lot of people talking about it, but no doing what you propose I do with it in enough detail for me to replicate what you suggest.

              Thanks to anyone who can educate my "old dog brain".