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Question asked by dasmith on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by DARFLET

Hi David,

I have a few questions for you.  In our environment, we have PI tags setup with similar calculations that we are doing using AF.  I assume that was an older method of doing the same thing?  For example, we have a PI tag that calculates the running time of an engine over the last 24 hours using the following expression in the tag.  I assume the AF method is now the preferred method for doing this?  What is the advantage/disadvantage?

Tagval  ('KAK_PL_K-150_COMP-ACC-RT.PV', '*') - Tagval ('KAK_PL_K-150_COMP-ACC-RT.PV',  '*-24h')


I am working on a rollup example in my test environment (not using a template for now, just picked one element with 3 children to rollup).  I just installed analysis services in test and it seems to be working.  I created the analysis and it calculates a value when I evaluate it, I also successfully mapped and created a tag for the data, but it still says Pt Created rather than showing a value.  I also did a backfill on it and it does calculate previous data.  Not sure what I am doing wrong or is it some restriction on the test environment?





(this question was originally asked by Darlene Fletcher in the Introduce yourself thread)