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Will Pi server support Modbus Extended registers?

Question asked by Zakkariya on Dec 12, 2017
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We have a Auto- Maskin (DCU-410) device which is storing its modbus value in extended modbus holding registers (400001 - 465535) and has Modbus TCP port with it. Basically this Auto- maskin (DCU-410) stores the values in two separate registers Like LSW in one 16- bit register and MSW in an another 16 bit register. in order to get a whole value of one parameter we need to do this calculation  "Value = (65536 * MSW) + LSW".


Can Pi data archive read modbus extended registers (400001 - 465535)? if possible Please help me to understand how configure a PI tag to read  parameters from Auto-Maskin panel via modbus TCP


i can able setup PI -ICU with Pi modbus interface for ethernet....But I am wondering how to configure a PI point in PI data archive to read these extended modbus registers .. Please help me on this...