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ProcessBook to Coresight/Vision

Question asked by NicPickering on Dec 15, 2017
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I'm working for a large company that has a lot of users in both ProcessBook and Coresight. The displays that are available to everyone are created in ProcessBook and then uploaded to Coresight.


What I want to know is how to create some dynamic values in ProcessBook that correspond to the time scale that is selected in Coresight?

Time Scale.PNG


(I want to be able to change this time scale to a larger number and have the values update automatically)



Custom Time.PNG

I have a few PI Calcs to find the average, max, min and number of data values entered into the PI system for a time period of *-24 hours.


Currently the values only show the last 24 hours and don't change when the time scale changes. This is good because the values for the last 24 hour values should not change.

HOWEVER. There is an issue when scrolling through time. The values change to match the 24 hour window. When you scroll 72 hours back in time, the 24 hour values change to match the 24 hour window, 72 hours ago, and not * -24 hours. How do I fix this?



Is it possible to have dynamic values that are based on the time scale that is set, that don't change when you scroll? Is there a symbol similar to the " * " symbol that allows dynamic time scales? What I mean by this is is there some way to have the values display the average, max, min etc. relative to what you set the time scale in Coresight.