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Should I install multiple PI AF servers for multiple manufacturing sites?

Question asked by mmcdowell on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by mmcdowell

I am installing PI AF and PI Data Archive on a new server for a manufacturing site that will be coming online next year. We already have a PI server in place in our primary manufacturing site and that system has been up and running for several years. As I have been going through the installation I keep wondering if it is correct to have a separate PI AF server and PI data archive at each location or if it is really better to have a single centralized PI server with interface nodes in each location collecting data and feeding it to the centralized PI server. All of our custom client applications at each site would have to connect back to the central PI server for the data they display. I don't know if that should be a deciding factor in determining whether or not to locate a PI server close to where the client apps are running.