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PI RDBMS Interface: Interface Failover Pair switching states from Primary to Backup frequently

Question asked by JaisonRodrigues Champion on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by gmichaud-verreault

Hi All,

To provide you the brief about the issue, I have PI RDBMS Interface configured in Fail-over mode (COLD). Primary and Secondary Interface nodes are connecting to Primary Data Archive Server of PI Data Archive Collective. This has been configured for no particular reason, but was working on well. Recently, from past 2 weeks we are observing that the Interface nodes are switching back and forth every minute. Below is the screenshot of UFO State tags.


I do not see any major issues in the logs. The Interfaces are communicating well with the data source, no communication failure with PI Data Archive and no errors seen in accessing the Synchronization File. Below are the logs for the same time period as the data above. (logs are from one of the PI Interface node)



The Device Status tags of the UFO do not indicate any failure and are stable at value "0". I tried to break the fail-over and tried to redo but was not successful. I am planning to do the below things.

1. Change the fail-over mode to WARM

2. Delete the UFO Tags are create them again

3. Delete existing Synchronization File and create a new one

4. Point each interface node to different member of the PI Data Archive Collective.


Before doing the above, I needed advice from the community to see if anyone has faced this similar issue and fixed it by performing anything in particular. Also, have I over-looked anything during my troubleshooting? Let me know if anyone needs any additional details from me.


This community has always been kind to me and I hope I would not be disappointed this time.



Jaison Rodrigues