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    Is it possible to migrate the content of the MDB *after* we've upgraded to PI Server 2010?


      We're in the unfortunate position that *something* made the previous installation of our PI Server unavailable. The reason for that was not fully understood by those who looked into the problem, and instead of solving it on the existing install, we now have a brand new PI Server 2010 installation...


      Because the old PI server was unavailable, the Migration Wizard from MDB to AF could not run, but we have enabled MDB on the new install, but it doesn't contain anything.


      I would like to know if there are any tools that can be used to manually migrate what we had in ModuleDB in the old installation over to the new installation?


      The old installation directory was C:\PI\ and  I wonder if  it would be possible to manually extract, copy or convert C:\PI\dat\PIModuleDb.dat and C:\PI\dat\PIModuleUnitDb.dat?


      Nils A Thommesen,
      ExproSoft, maker of WIMS, Well Integrity Management System



        • Re: Is it possible to migrate the content of the MDB *after* we've upgraded to PI Server 2010?

          Unfortunately your post is clearly a TechSupport question and you should contact them to get some help. Many information will be required to fix your problem, I give you a few so, you will be prepared when calling the TechSupport:


          - Version of your old PI Server;
          - OS under which your old PI Server is installed;
          - Do you use Batch?
          - Do you have PI Module configured as PI Unit?
          - Did you restore the backup of your old PI Server into the new one?
          - etc.


          Normally, what you request is feasible. Based on the answer you will give the agent will assist you in the process.