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Definition of Backfilling with Event Frame Templates (currently not working)

Question asked by WNichols on Dec 20, 2017
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I've got a basic question regarding backfilling.


Pi System Explorer 2017 SP1

PI AF Server

What exactly is backfilling? After watching some of the videos and reading the manuals, my understanding was that it would spawn new event frames over the range of historic data. But when I run the backfill operation, no new event frames are generated. The backfill status says something along the lines of 26 events processed.


Simple example of what I'm trying to accomplish  : I have a tag BATCH_SEQ that indicates whether a batch is running (RUNNING = 10  or NOT RUNNING = 0) with the start trigger ( 'BATCH_SEQ' = 10 ). I want to create event frames for all batches in May 2017 to verify I've setup the event frame template & child attributes correctly.


On my piece of equipment, I've set up attributes for my status tags (batch seq #, etc) and an event frame template for the specific phase and pi tags as event frame attributes that I want to capture during that phase. Al pi tag references in the attribute templates are static and valid (no string substitutions). See example above. The start trigger expression validates as 'false', and when  I set it to the converse ('BATCH_SEQ' <> 10), it evaluates as true.


Is there something simple I'm missing? Is backfilling even the correct action I need to generate the historic event frames?


Thanks in advance!