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    upload and store files


      Is it possible to upload and store gbxml, energyplus and bim models in PI system ? If so what are the softwares ?

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          Hi Sasikala,
          Not in the Pi archive unless they are tiny. String and Blob types are limited to 972 bytes.


          Must you store all of the previous versions, What is the particular use case?


          You may be able to store them in AF (which sits upon SQL), in an attribute type called a 'file'

          In this way you could upload your file (just stored in an MSSQL blob I understand.

          To keep all previous versions you would have to create a 'version' of the element.

          You can view the versions in 'Show History'

          and you can access the previous version by clicking on 'Previous Version' and selecting the Attributes tab.


          You can download from here too.


          Of course you can do all that in the SDK as well.


          Will this do it for you?



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              Hi Rob,

              Thank you for the reply.

              PI  Asset framework allows to upload files of certain file type only like *.docx, *.xlsx, *.pdf, *.csv etc as shown in above picture.

              I need to upload *.rvt, *.idf, *.xml file types. Revit files(BIM models) will be of size >30MB. Any suggestions ?

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                  You can modify the whitelist of file types and set the file size using the AFDiag utility installed with AF Server. Note that these are server-wide settings. The relevant command line options in your case are:


                                      Add an additional file extension to the allow list for AFFile objects. This parameter may be

                                      specified more than once. (short form /FEA)



                                      Set the maximum supported file length in megabytes for AFFile objects. Setting the value to zero

                                      will disable support for all files. (short form /FML)

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                      Before deciding on how to store your files in the PI System, can you elaborate on the characteristics of these files?  How often will they be generated/refreshed?  Did you need to keep track of versions? etc.  Any usage scenarios you can provide would be helpful.


                      How will you be accessing these files once they are stored?  Will you be using standard PI client tools to access these files?  Do you wish to use the PI System to collaborate time series data with your files?


                      I will assume that you have a strong reason to ask for ways to store these files in the PI System.  Please help us understand your use case(s).



                      Steve Kwan

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                  Hi Sasikala,


                  Do you have to store them in PI/AF? Can AF Server create a link using URI Builder and link your files stored in other file servers on the network? Would this be a viable option for you?