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Add Second Parent to Element with PI Builder

Question asked by kbobeck on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by kbobeck

I'm building out an AF structure with 75,000 pieces of equipment, so I've started by organizing into Equipment Types, with each as the Primary Parent (ReferenceType: Parent-Child) of the Element:



Now, I want to associate equipment with their components (e.g., Pumps to Motors, Motors to Breakers, etc.) and want the reference type to be Composition. To try and do this manually would be a massive under-taking, so I was hoping to speed things along because names are logical (Pump: P123, Motor: P123M, Breaker: P123M-BKR, etc.) and I could use formulas to populate everything.


Using P123M-BKR and P123M as an example, this was my setup:




However, this tactic disassociated P123M-BKR with BREAKERS and made P123M its Primary Parent.


Is there a way to add a second Parent in PI Builder that I'm missing?


Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays!