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PI UFL writing wrong data and sometimes skips data

Question asked by Mamunur on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2017 by rdavin

Hello All,


I am using PI UFL version to get data from csv file (having data in format tag,timeStamp,value) to write in a pi server. But after I tested the data in PI Datalink and SMT, I found below discrepancies:

i) PI UFL is skipping some rows in the csv, and so no data is found in archive at that particular timestamp.

ii) PI UFL is also sometimes writing wrong data in archive corresponding to timestamp given in csv, for eg ( value 2.7 is showing in archive as 2.1, 192 is showing as 191 etc )


Can you please suggest, why is this happening and how to do some workaround to prevent these cases from happening.           


Thanks in advance