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    Activex Control Greyed Out




      I am using a cutomised Activex control in the Process Book.


      When I switch the window from any other application to Process book, the application which was previously opened drop its image over that activex control region, and thus the image of that control looks disturbed.


      Is there any way to avoid this.

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          Hi Jagadeesh,


          This problem normally comes from a problem with the refresh/paint of the control when the focus is returning to PI ProcessBook. You need to handle all possible cases to redraw your control properly. Did you define a UserControl_Paint event for your control? You can force the call of a paint event whenever your control got a focus; this is done via the UserControl_GotFocus event. Also, the Resize event might have to call your paint event to resize and redraw your control properly.


          If you want to know more about building ActiveX Controls I propose you this link from MSDN.