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PI Vision asset list not the same as PI System Explorer

Question asked by AdrianPD on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by knightk

While playing around with PIVision (still learning), I created a bunch of elements in PI System Explorer. I would then expand the Db link in the Assets view on PIVision and be able to see those assets that I had created in System Explorer. So far, so "as expected".


What I then did was clean up my assets in System Explorer by deleting a whole lot of them I no longer wanted. When I go back to PIVision, however, those deleted assets never disappear. They stay visible in the list of assets. Initially I thought it might be some caching issue and that after some time those would disappear but that has not happened. Assets I deleted before going off for vacation (weeks ago now) are still there.


So, my question is: how do you remove assets so that they are no longer visible in the list of assets in PIVision?


To show you what I am talking about, in the image below only the top 2 assets actually exist in System Explorer. The rest were deleted a few weeks ago but still show in this list