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WEB API performance problems

Question asked by heinzea on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by sraposo

Hi all,


i received a project to create a website that uses the PI WEB API to communicate with the PI System. I finished this project succesfully but now the customer complains about the bad performance. It needs sometimes up to 1 minute for one request to PI WEB API. PI Vision has also a bad performance sometimes depending on the time.

     - CPU load ist by default at 10 %.

     - Website runs on the same system as AF.

     - Website can read and create event frames.

     - At certain times it only takes a 3 - 4 secondes for a request.

     - Request without PI WEB API takes 1-2 secondes.


Does anyone have any idea how i can solve this problem?


Thanks for you help,