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    Changing the PIVision Help Button choices


      I found a thread here on how to remove items from the Help drop down on PIVision. I want to add new items to the list, to a couple of new links. I have figured out how to add the items, but I cannot figure out how to change the descriptions listed in the drop down.


      Looking at the image below, I want to rename the 2nd and 3rd Training Videos entry to something else.



      I made changes to the "PIVisualization.pv-header-directive.js" file and basically copy/paste the existing Training Videos selection and added my own link. Now, I want to change the names. I cannot find the file that has the "list" of things on this menu.


      Anyone have an idea on how to modify this?

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          Hey Joel,


          From the looks of the JS file this populates an HTML template of the similar name in the same directory. Going there, we find that the names for the items in the dropdown menu are populated by the title property of the menuItems being pulled into this object. The menu items in the JS file appear to be pulling from variables defined elsewhere (i.e. PV.ResourceStrings.HelpMenuOffLine). That being said, you can put your own hardcoded string into the title surrounded by single quotes for the helpMenuItem you add in order to customize the display name. For example I added the following to that list of help menu items:


          { id: 'HelpMenuTrainingVideos', title: 'SomethingRandom', url: 'https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMcG1Hs2JbcvWPkSbIbQEJqsTX9Sa1nty' },


          And now I can see that "SomethingRandom" title I placed in there displayed in PIVision for the dropdown menu and it links to a youtube playlist:



          Please remember that those changes are not supported officially.




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