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    GE Fanuc Data Import


      Has anyone ever had to import historical data from GE Fanuc to PI? 


      We have PI up and running at one of our plants, but the old data from the GE Fanuc system needs to be imported into PI.  Not sure what the best method would be or hoe time consuming and challenging it might be.

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          Lonnie Bowling

          Hi Scott,


          First, welcome to vCampus!


          I think what  you want to do is perform a backfill operation.  This will take data from a historian and import it into PI.  I am in the process of doing this operation for a different historian but the process is the same.  Take a look a this thread:


          How to backfill a large data set?


          This was also helpful for me:

          Loading old Data

          Hope that helps get you started,





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              Thanks for the links.  The first solution may work for us.  We have about 27GB of archive files to load, about 2500 tags.


              I found some information on the GE web site from their Historian manual that i need to do some additional research on, but it looks promising.  Here is the excerpt from the manual:


              OSI PI Distributor


              Historian allows you to export process data from an Historian archive, to an OSI PI archive through the OSI PI Distributor.


              For more information, refer to the Data Collectors section of the Historian E-Book.





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                  Lonnie Bowling

                  No problem, glad to help. Yeah, I'm just learning this too. I'm not familiar with PI Distributor, maybe one of the OSI folks will chime in on how that compares to the other methods.

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                      The OSI PI Distributor is a product created and distributed by GE itself, it does not belong in our products list. Although, it uses PI SDK to connect to a PI Server and push data.


                      Sorry but we don't have any comparison statistics with this product or comments from our customers using it. You can probably can more information from GE directly.