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Help with analysis performance issues!

Question asked by ScottC on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by skwan

Hi All,


I've been having some problems with analysis performance.


The figure below shows the issue I'm having. The blue line is the result of an analysis that's based on the data shown in red. The analysis was back-filled until a bit over halfway across the graph and the rest is the result of letting it run by it's self. 

The back-filled data is as expected, values written to the Pi Point every 5 minutes. However when letting the analysis run, it only returns values at much larger intervals and even then they seem to lag behind the red trend.



This analysis template is only running on 2 elements. There are only 80 other analyses so far, most of which are fairly simple and run either hourly or daily.  I wouldn't expect to be running into performance issues with so few analyses, is there perhaps something I'm missing here?


Any help would be much appreciated!