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    DataLink 2015, Invalid Object Path Format


      Hi There,


      I'm getting the subject error whenever I try to retrieve data using any of my AF element properties. I tried different ways to get data but getting the same error. This is Excel 2013 running on Windows server 2008. I found one thread for the same error that linked that to not having an AF configured in Excel->PI Datalink->Settings->Connection Manager which is not true in my case. Appreciate any help.





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          Hi Emad,


          From your screenshot it appears you have double backslashes before the AF Server name as well as the AF Database name. This is only required before a Server name and not a database name. (Either that or you may have accidentally put your server name into the path twice)


          Current: "\\SRLAAP81\\SRLAAP81\AFPilot\DEL\Qatar..."

          Should be: "\\SRLAAP81\SRLAAP81\AFPilot\DEL\Qatar..."


          So this is in fact an incorrect path being defined here.




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