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    PI integration with NDIS via port 3602


      I am looking for a developer to help us integrating some air monitors to our PI system. I am attaching the communication manual.





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          Hi Walter,


          Thanks for reaching out to us on PI Square.


          Generally I would recommend starting your search for an interface on our Tech Support page with our online search tool where you can enter in your device name. Right off the bat, it doesn't appear that we have an interface specific for DustTrak, but that being said, looking at the manual is see the following on the communication of the device:

          "USB and Ethernet instrument connections use the NDIS communication method, port 3062. Remote Radio communications use the RS-232 serial communication method."


          For RS-232 serial communication it appears the PI Interface for DNP3 is capable of interpreting this communication protocol. I would recommend investigating that.


          Do you know if a connection can be made for a Modbus Ethernet device or if the data can be written to a file? This may be another path worth investigating as well.




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            The PI UFL interface can also read from Serial ports if you configure it using the serial plugin. Otherwise, using DNP3 like Robert mentioned would be your best bet.