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Time Stamping a Less Than Value in from a PI Tag In Excel

Question asked by lmantei on Jan 10, 2018
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How do I insert a time stamp in excel when a PI Tag hits a given level?


I am trying to work out a historical downtime report to automatically add the time stamp to a excel report. When a PITag fell below a certain level I would like it to flag the downtime event, then once the level has increased put up a second time stamp to flag the line was back up. Is there a clean way to do it. We deal with tonnages, so when the line is run and it falls below a given low level of production it is considered down time.


I have been trying PEs and the FindLE "Find the first time, within a range, when a point is less than or equal to a given value." may work but I would have to have some time span to work with in. If it was a day it would only return the time stamp 1st time. If the line went down three times that day it would only return on time stamp.


I understand moving forward I can create a PI Tag to do this. I am trying to recreate this function on the historical data for the last few years. Going forward we will add in the new PI Tag to do this function.


I hope this kind of makes sense