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    Pi Server Re-Configuration


      Hello ,


      I am underprocess to reconfigure PI Archive Server from OS Drive to Non OS Drive where  PI is installed in OS Drive .

      Here to avoid the data loss, how can we clear the PI Archive Cache data when we are about to stop the PI Server.

      To stop the data coming from PI Interfaces to PI Data archive server i will be stopping the PI Update manager which will stop communications. After that i need to move the data from Archive cache to Archive.


      Do we have any scripts to check how much data is available in the Archive cache before or after stopping the PI Data Archive Server.


      Any inputs is much Appreciated on the process to reconfigure the PI Data Archive server.

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          Dan Fishman

          I would not worry about the PI Archive Cache because during a graceful shutdown, the archive cache is flushed to the disk.  Check out this KB article KB0586 for details.  Probably the most important part of the move is to have a recent backup and to make sure each interface is buffering.

          If you want look into the cache check out piartool commands: piartool -cad tagmask and pidartool -cas (optional mask).

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              Thanks Fishman for the response,


              I have another doubt, once i finish with Un-Installation and Installation , is their any way that i can restore the Tags from existing PIPoint Database Table . dat file. Will that work ?  After that i will register all the Archives.


              I am hoping this option will work as the Record ID's will be same for tags in Archives too.


              Another option is to create the complete tags again in PI Server and then Reprocess the Archives, here reprocessing the Archives will be time Time Consuming as i have around 480 Archives.


              If i want to continue with the above option - how the new record Id's for the new tags will sync with the existing tag record ID's in Archives , is their any commands which we need to sync.




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              Steve Boyko

              You should be able to do a PI server move - documented in the administrator manual - to move your PI server from an OS drive to a non-OS drive.


              The basic steps are:

              • stop existing PI software
              • move archives to new location
              • copy DAT, LOG directory and a few other files (pipeschd.bat, site backup scripts in \pi\adm, etc.)
              • uninstall PI
              • install same version of PI in new location
              • replace DAT, LOG directory etc. with files saved above
              • use pidiag to tell PI where primary archive is
              • start PI
              • register other archives