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    Change number of decimals in Datalink


      Hi all,

      I want to change the number of decimals that Datalink returns when I export some float32 tag data to excel. I get too many decimals, I only want to view 2 decimals (which, of course, is set in excel) but every time I update the start and end time and get new data into excel the number of decimals are changed by Datalink to 6 or 7.

      Is there any way to change the default number of decimals shown without change the point type to and integer? I do not want to lose data resolution.

      Thanks, Mikael

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          Hi Mikael,


          In the PI DataLink settings option (you should be able to find this in the DataLink ribbon; it will be in the "Resources" box depending on the version you are using), there is a place for "Number format". If you want the default display of digits to be 2 decimal points, you can change this setting to 0.00 as shown below:


          Please let us know if this provides the functionality you are looking for!





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