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Calculate cumulative count

Question asked by eradwan on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by Dan Fishman

Hi There,


I inherited the following Excel sheet that contains a lot of PI calculations and that I want to bring to AF. I have a fixed hourly figure that changes on daily basis and its represented here at row 26 - Set point for lean export gas - in Column C26 the time is 01:00 am so the value is exactly the hourly value for that day 83.3, and in D26 the time is 02:00 am and the value is 166.7 which is 83.3 * 2, starting from 03:00 am it will keep adding 83.3 to the total of the previous hour. In my solution, I'll be interested only on the current hour which I configured in an Attribute 'currentHour' using Hour('*') - and though of an analysis to use it and return the relative value based on the mentioned way of calculation. The problem here is the nested if logic that will need to check for the 24 hours; is there a better approach?