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Migrating Excel calculation to AF

Question asked by eradwan on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by sraposo

Hi There,

In the Excel sheet below, the highlighted value at cell C23 gets its value from the above cell if the current time ( in hours as in cell C10)  only if current hour is 01:00 am, but starting from the next hour e.g. 02:00 am in cell D23 the value should be the above cell value in D22 + previous hour value which in this case is C23. This logic continues so E23 = E22 + D23, that is the sum of the above and to the left value. The problem I'm facing is how to get the previous value, I tried prevalue() but it works only on tags, I also tried an analysis to reference the same variable as input and output and got a 'circular reference' error. Any ideas, please?