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Reading on-premise PI WEB API data from Azure Application

Question asked by BoSun on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by BoSun

Hi PI Experts,


We're currently running an on-premise application which reads PI data via PI Web API. The plan is to move the application to Azure.

Considering about the timeline and implementation cost, the most doable approach seems to Reverse Proxy to redirect PI Web API calls to on-premise Web API server.

We do have an DMZ layer between corporate network (PI/AF/PI Web API) and external (i.e. Azure).

If I install another PI Web API node within DMZ which communicates with PI/AF servers in corporate network (assuming all necessary ports are open), would this approach work for my case?


Have anyone in the forum tried to use any Reverse Proxy to direct PI Web API calls to on-premise PI?


Hopefully I described my case clearly.



Bo Sun