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    What configuration changes are needed to get a PI Point exposed through the PI OPC HDA Server?

      I am a developer on an OPC HDA Client application that we are trying to get working with PI.  I have configured the PI server to pull values from an OPC DA Server we have here to get the data into the PI system and that is working as expected.  My problem is that using any HDA clients I have available (including the PI_HDATool.exe included with PI) I cannot see any PI points being exposed (in the PI_HDATool I can connect to OSI.HDA.1, start the browser, click the "Make Browser" button, and I get a heirarchy with only 1 node which is the machine name). I am suspecting that must be some configuration that needs to be done on the PI points to indicate that they should be exposed via the OPC HDA server, but I have been unable to find any documentation describing this. Please note that I am currently doing all of this testing with everything running on 1 machine, so there are no DCOM issues involved at this point. Any insight will be appreciated at this point.  Thanks!
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          The browser has different ways to work depending of the browser type you have picked such as OPCHDA_BRANCH, OPCHDA_LEAF, OPCHDA_FLAT or OPCHDA_ITEMS. Branch mode will only let you see the modules, aliases and properties from the PI Module Database and navigate through it. Leaf mode will let you see child objects of the current branch you are on. If you are at the root branch, you will be able to see all the PI Points Flat mode shows you all the levels in the same list. Items mode shows you only aliases and properties from the current branch. The CurrentBranch field will indicate your actual location in the whole tree.


          Starting from your Browse window, choose the branch mode (default type) and double-click on the name of your PI Server. You should only see your modules at this moment. Change the BrowseType for leaf and you`ll see all the PI Points from the PI Server. To utilize one or many, you will need to select the items you are interested in, click on the Get Item IDs button to get the full path of each items, click on the Add button to create the list and click on the Done button.


          I have included some screen captures to let you see how it looks like.

          14624-_2D00_-sc1.png 14624-_2D00_-sc2.png

           Let me know if this had answered your question.