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    Does pi use odbc?


      For security reasons our IT department want to ban all ODBC connections.


      At the moment I'm using the following connections to PI.



      -Pi-datalink in Excel

      -AFSDK in some programs I made in .NET


      Do these connections/programs use the ODBC methods to exchange data? Personally I have
      my doubts. I hope Osisoft uses some propriety methods to communicate.


      Can someone help me out?



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          The products that you've listed do not use ODBC to fetch/write data. We have our own ODBC driver that can be leveraged in conjunction with our OLEDB providers but if you are using the OLEDB provider directly it would not be leveraging any ODBC connection.



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            I am curious as to why your IT department considers ODBC a security issue. ODBC isn't really a connection type. It's an standard API for enabling clients to communicate with databases. Every vendor that supports ODBC creates a DLL that implements the standard ODBC API functions. The actual communication between client and database server is not defined by the ODBC standard; each vendor uses its own implementation.