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    Analysis triggered twice at the same time.


      How will AF handle an analysis that is triggered from two different attributes? If the attributes trigger the analysis at the same time, what will happen? Will it start twice? If twice, will they run in paralel?
      If the analysis is triggered a second time when it is already in progress (started from Another trigger), what will happen? Will it wait for the first execution to complete?

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          Hi Erik,


          Thanks for reaching out to us on PI Square.


          If an analysis is event-triggered for two different attributes that have updates with the exact same timestamp, the analysis will only run once at the timestamp.


          If an analysis is triggered and then shortly thereafter triggered again before the first completes, the second triggering of the analysis will be put in a queue to be processed when there are some free resources and the Analysis service will evaluate the analysis with the values of the attributes at the time of the triggering rather than the execution time. It's worth noting that if the Analysis Service is falling behind, that is to say analyses are triggering faster than the service can evaluate them, it will shed some of the load by skipping some executions to ensure that it doesn't fall too far behind.




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