UpdateValues() cannot insert the data into elder archive.

Discussion created by jamliu on Feb 1, 2012
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Hi guys,


     I am working on an application that allows user to create PI tags and insert the PI data. (Yup, that will be historical data.) The UpdateValues() function seems working fine in my early tests, but soon found out it cannot insert the data if the data is big, like 10,000 entries, without throwing an exception.


    My guess is it reached the limit of the older archives, and simply just couldn't add anymore.


    Is there any way to programmably create a new archive for this situation? or any best practice?


   Tried to go through the PI-SDK doc but no luck.


   Any inputs are appreciated!




Thank you.








******************** Update ********************


It seems it failed add the data because there was no on-line archive for that period. See the error I found from the message log.


 [-11043] No Archive On-Line For Target Time

Is there any better way to add the historical data then? Thank you.