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PI AF - Http Get

Question asked by csisk on Jan 22, 2018
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Okay so one of our business managers, who knows a lot about programming etc, came to me to ask if there was some way for PI AF so post info using an HTTP Get string. 


What he wants to do is we have video cameras onsite that monitor the trucks as they unload from the ships and get weighed at the scale.   The weight data is recorded in PI but the would like to be able to feed that real-time data directly back onto the camera display on the camera as it is recording.   He found a way to send basic test commands from an app using the HTTP Get command (something that I am not familiar with) but now he wants to know if PI AF would be able to provide a similar output string so that it can display the weight / materials etc directly on the camera.



The GET Method

Note that the query string (name/value pairs) is sent in the URL of  a GET request:





Any thoughts?