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Set Favorite Screens for all Users and Open PI Vision to 'Favorites'

Question asked by kbobeck on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by mskallet

Is there a way that I could choose two screens to be 'favorites' for all users? What we'd like is for users to arrive at the 'Favorites' screen when they first access PI Vision (versus the 'All Displays' screen) and have two navigational screens there:



Which leads me to my second question - is there a way to make 'Favorites' be the initial screen a user sees when they open PI Vision, instead of 'All Displays'?


I've already identified a potential workaround: have a single display that links to the two other Nav screens and use URL parameters. However, I am not sure if the jump-post through which PI Vision will be accessed will allow specific URL linking. A user may have to open Chrome first, then manually navigate to PI Vision.


For reference, we are using PI Vision 2017.