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Question asked by svizer on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by fwalsh

Hi All,


I am looking for a simple way to ensure that a Pi Vision display gets refreshed on a periodic basis, say every 15mins. I am not worried about an update of the data as I know the platform does a DiffForData regularly and I can see data flowing, that's not the issue.


I am trying to resolve what I believe are network disruptions (sessions perhaps being dropped by the NLB) to the displays as there are daily issues and the best fix is to just hit F5 on the page.


Any help or pointers would be appreciated, I did apply a hack to the index.cshtml file which worked but that is not ideal as there are some Displays that don't react well to a refresh due to them not being developed for being stretched across 8 TV's, (another issue!). So I need a solution that can be selectively applied to a Display.