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High Spec PC for OPC Interface Node

Question asked by cdenslow on Jan 24, 2018
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We are currently working on a proposal to put High Spec PCs onto two of our sites in Offshore West Africa.  These PCs will act as OPC DA Interface nodes transmitting data back to our central PI Archive Server in Scotland.  There will NOT be a PI Archive Server onsite.


We obviously want these PCs to be resilient to the harsh , hot and dusty conditions in these sites.  We are proposing that we put high spec industrial type PCs in for these machines.  These machines will be running Windows 7 as that is our corporate standard for desktops.


We have been asked to provide specifications for the machines e.g. quantity of RAM , speed of disks, disk mirroring etc.  My initial thoughts are that the PCs should have a relatively fast processor, solid state disk(s) in some sort of mirrored configuration to hold the Pi data buffer.


I know there will be organisations with OPC interafce node PCs in harsh environments already.  Can someone please tell me the technical specification of a PC that would be recommeneded for this purpose.  If someone can point me to websites detailing such a machine that would be greatly appreciated.


Obviously we do not want a machine that is massively overspecified but we do want something that will last in a harsh environment and will have resilience if a disk failed etc.


Thanks for everyone's help in advance.