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    ActiveView crashes IE9


      We use Internet Explorer 8 and PI-ActiveView ActiveX to view pdi on website in the intranet. It works very well. But after upgrading to IE9 we have problems. ActiveView can suddenly hang entire browser window while displaying pdi. There is no strict steps to reproduce problem, just occasional crashes, but most of them occurs when you switch between displays. We use latest ActiveView release on windows 7 x64 pro with 32-bit IE9 and latest ActiveView After downgrading to IE8 everything works fine again. ActiveView 3.2 has support for IE9? Thank you.


      ps. sorry for my poor english )

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          Welcome Arthur - no need for excuses, the majority of the subscribers are not native English speakers and your problem description is totally clear.


          However, I would like to suggest you contact techsupport as this is not a programming question and techsupport is much better suited to troubleshoot your problem than we are. BTW - we have Russian speaking techsupport engineers.

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              Can you please say, how are your status about this problem? We've encounter some problem with IE 9, and I like yo hear if someone encounter similar troubles...

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                  @Sergey: From our knowledge database, I found that somebody had the same problem as you. If you use VBA code within your ActiveView, the Data Execution Protection (DEP) security feature (with Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7) might prevent ActiveView to execute embedded code correctly. If you add acview.exe in the DEP exception list, everything works normally after.


                  Is it your case, do you use code along with ActiveView? If yes, can you try to use the DEP exception list?