Increasing the amount of values PIWebServices can retrieve?

Discussion created by chris_capula on Feb 2, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2012 by MvanderVeeken

Hi All,


I was wondering if it is possible to increase the amount of values PIWebServices can return using 'PIArcDataRequest'


At present, it appears it can handle around 900 values but I am looking at wanting up to around 20,000 if possible, which would be about a years worth of data,


The errors I am recieving for a very simple siverlight test application is:




I have also had a look at the webconfig file within the PIWebServices directory and have added in a MaxRecievedMessageSize for my basichttpbinding and it then doesnt return me any data.What I have included is shown below;


      <binding name="basicBindingConfig" maxReceivedMessageSize="131072" >


 I guess I am either missing something quite clear, or it may not be possible, but any help is very much appreciated,


Many Thanks