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    PIBatchView results in PIVision?


      I'm new to PIVision and was wondering if there is a way to add PIBatchView  searches to it.

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          Hi Peter,


          Thanks for posting on PI Square and welcome to it's community.


          BatchView is an old technology designed to look at batch data.  Batch Data has been moved to the more powerful Asset Framework (AF) Event Frames framework.  These event frames are viewable in PI Vision though special event frame displays which mimics Processbook BatchView object.


          The search portion of BatchView is also implemented in PI Vision as a part of the Event Frame search functions.


          In general, if you wish to view your batch data in PI Vision, we highly urge you to look into migrating your batch data into Event Frames.  For more information about this process:

          PI Server - Overview of batch to event frame migration



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