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    Coresight General Questions


      Good afternoon, all.


      We recently started using Coresight and I have been asked to do a 'show and tell' on Monday, and I have a few questions I'm hoping more knowledgeable users can answer.


      Is there any way to NOT show the tag/element name above a symbol? We often have columns of related data and the header on the symbol uses prime real estate.


      Is there any way to change the color scheme used for symbols?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hiding the tag/element name is not currently supported.  We have discussed adding the ability for the user to change the name to something they choose (look for this is a future release) but your desire seems to be more that you want to remove the header to get the screen real estate back.  Do you want to stack lots of guages or value symbols?  I have a couple of thoughts on this that may or not help.  The most dense way to show data would be to add items to a table, but this does not give you the graphical recognition you get from gauges.  One final thought on this; As more symbols are added to a display eventually the symbol size starts to shrink so that everything always fits on the window.  Does this help at all for what you are trying to accomplish?


          By color scheme are you thinking specifically of gauges?  We do not have a way to change color scheme today.  We are planning to add multi-state in a future release (color change based on preset value ranges), is this what you are looking for?

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              Thanks for the reply. I have looked at using tables, and, in many cases, it will provide most of the functionality required. In instances where a table is not condusive, the loss of space due to headers/tags is the issue, but, as stated, that may be available in a future release.


              Multistate symbols would be a definite plus for Coresight!


              And for color schemes, it was a general question. There may be a desire to have a table displayed in one color and the adjoining table displayed in another color, or, change the row highlight color on a table.


              The more we more about the capabilities, the better we will be able to answer our clients questions.