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    PHD data in PI AF attributes


      We are looking to migrate from Honeywell PHD to Pi, but we have a significant amount of calculated tags that will need to be replicated in PI AF. As an interim measure, is it possible to link an AF attribute to PHD tag data, either by an OPC connection or OLEDB or other such methods? Need to link to the PHD data, not import to PI,as there are often historic data recalculations in PHD that would need to be reflected for the client tools accessing PI AF. Anyone know if this is possible to do? Alternative suggestions?

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          Hi Mike,


          We also have same requirement and planning to create a linked server on the PHD and then use TableDR to link data from PHD into AF.

          So far, we have created a linked server and able to access data using SQL queries (OPENQUERY)  in the SQL Management studio.  yet to link the data to AF attributes  and may foresee some challenges in passing time context.


          will keep you posted on the updates.






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            John Messinger

            Generally, this is what you would look at using a COM Connector for - there is one for PHD. See the product detail page here. If you're not familiar with this technology, you create PI tags of a special point class that are then mapped to points in a foreign data source such as PHD. This allows standard PI client tools to access the foreign data as if it were natively stored in PI. Even though you aren't bringing the data into PI, the COM Connector tags will still count against your licensed point count. But it could be a reasonable solution. I've used these COM Connectors previously, and found them to be a good option.



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