Loading same SVG file for different equipments

Discussion created by Bineesh on Feb 6, 2012
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Hi Team,


I have a powerplant with 30 tanks, all 30 tanks are similar in nature( layout, process etc..). We need to develop a model processbook graphic template that we can utilize for all 30 tanks(dynamic loading of tags specific to each tank) . Please note that the requirement is to develop a single .pdi file.


Now, the second requirement is to convert that .pdi file to an .svg file and use it in a graphic webpart.


The tank hierarchy will be stored in AF and displayed in Treeview webpart.


Can we use the same SVG file for all 30 tanks from the AF hierarchy?


Basically, what we are trying to achieve here is, based on the selection of tank in AF hierarchy, the svg in graphic webpart should be able to load the corresponding tank tags.


Please let me know if this is possible.